The Games That Time Forgot – Wario Land Shake it! Nintendo Wii

Today we look at a game on the Nintendo Wii which got quite good reviews and starred a very familiar face to regular users. The character is attached to quick game formats and addicitve paced games – today we look at the world of Wario Land and the Wii game Shake It!

The game Wario Land Shake it! was released in 2008 on the Nintendo Wii, it was developed by Good-Feel and Published by Nintendo. The plot of the game is based around a crisis that happens in the Shake Dimension where a Queen has been imprisioned, the basis is that Wario has to help save the day.

The game is a side scrolling platform game where you have to travel through five different continents and complete 6 different levels on each to beat all the bosses. The game is predominantly created to make good use of the Wii remotes functions and it plays an important part in the game. The motion sensors on the control are used to guide Wario through the levels. On each level you have to rescue a creature known as Merfles.

The game got a really positive response averaging at around 8/10. People praised the game for its beautiful art and its fun gameplay.

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