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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Lee Ryan

We have already spoken about 50% of the boyband Blue (Duncan James and Anthony Costa) so it’s only right we talk about another quarter of the band that tried to delve into a solo career. This week we look at the solo music by Lee Ryan.

Now, from reading their autobiography at the end of last year, one of the guys goes on to say that before the band broke up Lee already had a solo contract lined up it also has a section of the book where Lee describes in his own words how everything didn’t go the way he wanted.  You can find out more about that by reading the book All Rise, I am however just going to tell you the facts about the music!

Back in 2005, Lee released his first solo single Army of Lovers – it ended up doing really well in the charts and reached number 3 in the UK and number 1 in Italy (Blue have a huge fan base in this country.) At the end of the same year he released his debut album Lee Ryan which was welcomed with a lot of mixed reviews dues to its very different sound from his previous work. Even though the album received very mixed reviews it went certified Gold in Italy and Certified Silver in the UK.

The second single off of Lee Ryan was called ‘Turn You Car Around” and it did ok in the chart however the third single “When I think Of You” only reached number 15 in the UK Singles chart.

Lee started to work on his second album not long after the first and released the single Reinforce Love in 2007. After that song there was a delay in the release of the album and it eventually got cancelled. In 2010 he was back in the studio trying to release another second album. The first single of this album was called Secret Love and this only reached number 33 in the charts. Lee was then dropped again by a different record label so the second album was cancelled again.

So whilst Lee now is back with Blue and is having a successful run in Eastenders, there was a time where things sadly didn’t go to plan – lets have a look at some of his music today.

Turn Your Car Around

Army of Lovers

How Do I?

Secret Love

Reinforce Love

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