Impractical Jokers Get A Film!

It is not everyday that your television show gets so popular that it turns into a film- but that is what is happening for the Improvisers The Tenderloins with their show Impractical Jokers! It was announced yesterday with the news of the season 8 renewel that the four guys Q, Murray, Sal and Joe who have been friends since school are heading for a feature film for the TruTV channel as well. It is set to be directed by Chris Henchy and produced by Funny or Die.

The guys are going from strength to strength and their show reaches on average 1.7 million viewers and 1.2 million of them are in the demographic of 18-49 years old. It has been so long now that the show would of hit over 200 episodes!

The guys have done so much already – many spin of shows from the original show, including a behind scenes look at them on tour, an international tour and even have an annual cruise where fans can sails the seas with all things Impractical Jokers on board!

There is no news yet as to when the feature film will be released, but the production starts this summer.

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