Improv Diaries – When You Wish There Was An Audience In Rehearsal…. [Case Study: Sal Vulcano, Impractical Jokers ]

This week most of the gang were back together – apart from one of the James’ as they weren’t feeling very well (get well soon buddy!).

This week we were all in a really wacky mood and wanted to just play lots of games to decide what ones we wanted to play in the show that we have March 24th at The Miller. We started off the evening with a game of Thunderdome which these days is becoming more and more competitive by the minute – we all take it so serious it’s pretty funny.

After warming up we then went into some games – last week Caroline and I came up with some good ways of making people being character to a scene and we decided to stick with it from now on as a way to make us keep doing characters to bring depth and energy.

So this week we played the alphabet game with the idea of making something happen and also doing it in character and it was obvious that a couple of us are not that great at remembering the alphabet which made it more fun to watch and create humour that wasn’t meant to happen.

The next thing we focussed on was the Gibberish Lecture game – where someone talks in a made up language and the other person has to justify what they are saying. It is always fun to play and one that we enjoy doing in a show. We played this a number of times to get used to playing different parts in it.

This week because of the weather, we finished early, so we only had time for one more game and decided to do a few of the chat show game as it is one of the games we want to test out at our next show. This game is becoming one that we all love a hell of a lot because it means we have a lot to play with. It is a game that is based on a Nursery Rhyme suggestion so we did a number of them with different nursery rhymes – some of the stories that arose from these Nursery Rhymes did so well that it created really funny stories that we wish they were in front of an audience because they were so hilarious. The fun thing about this game is it doesn’t always go in the direction that you expect and that is why it is so fun to play.

Case Study – Sal Vulcano, Impractical Jokers

It took me a while to think of a case study for this week and then thinking about it the most obvious one was of course Impractical Jokers. This week we ended up creating some scenes that were so hilarious that we wished we had an audience even though they were really random, completely unplanned and completely so unexpected that they even surprised us all. This is why I love Impractical Jokers, some of the best parts of the show is the reactions that they are not expecting or the stories that the guys make up to react to members of the public.

There are so many moments I could go on and on about but Sal is one of the Impractical Jokers that definitely has a lot of unplanned actions that creates so much humour naturally and unexpectedly. A lot of the humour comes from his reactions to punishments and when he finds something very funny and goes into hysterical laughter.

There are some very fun moments in Impractical Jokers where you come across these unexpected comedy gold nuggets that have all been created by the natural reaction of Sal – one of the best ones is when he has to go into the world of Virtual Reality and visit a horror game as part of his punishment. Another way he creates humour out of the blue is when he starts to dance in challenges.

This week in improv, this sort of happened to us as well – with the chat show game a lot of humour comes out of the fact that the reactions to the scene that we were given were so unexpected. That is the wonder of improv, just when the audience think you are going one way you can spin it into a completely different direction even if it is not of any fault of your own!

This is why it is good to watch programmes like Impractical Jokers as it is evident from watching a commercial show like this that comedy comes out of the unpredicted.


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