The Games That Time Forgot – Trampoline Terror!, Sega Genesis

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 11.03.44Today we look at a game that was considered one of the weirdest games to be released on the Sega Genesis as it was all about defeating aliens under a really unusual name – today we look at the world of Trampoline Terror!

Trampoline Terror was released in 1990 it was developed by Masaya and Published by Dreamwork Games. The aim of the game was to stop aliens taking over the planet of Ahas after they kidnapped the Queen. The only way to defeat the evil monsters is to jump on trampolines in levels to destruct the sequences. Each trampoline has a limited number of times it can be jumped on and if you jump on it too many times it breaks and becomes useless.

Each level is based on the format of a 16×16 grid and each block contains a number of obstacles and strategically placed trampolines to make each of the levels difficult as you progress. The game is made up of thirty three levels which all vary in difficulty.

If you want to have a try at Trampoline Terror! You can as there are many online versions of the game. It may be an usual concept but reviewers have given it an average score. SO why not give it a go!


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