Podcast Month – One Episode Review – Dax Shepard Armchair Expert

This month we are trying to welcome you to a whole new batch of podcasts that you may not of heard of, got round to listen to or didn’t know they even existed! Well, I personally love podcast’s but a lot of the time I don’t have that much time to listen to something new. So as part of Podcast month, I am delving into the podcast’s I haven’t listened to yet and giving you my honest first response to listening to one of the episodes. So to start us off, we are going to start with a podcast that has only started up in February and is hosted by a comedic actor who is married to another talented actress. Their marriage is one of those in Hollywood that has so far run the distance and they ever so often charm the public with their creative videos they post on social media. If you haven’t guessed it already, we are looking at a new(ish) podcast by Dax Shepard.

The podcast Armchair Expert was released in February of this year and is a podcast with a sort of talk and conversation element to it. It is the first podcast by Dax and already he has had some of the key names of Hollywood on it such as Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Kimmel, Joy Beezy and his wife Kristen Bell. An armchair expert in urban dictionary terms defines it as a name given to ‘someone who claims to know all the answers to a problem, situation or scenario but has little or no experience or real understanding of it.” I suppose in terms of this podcast, that is exactly what it aims to do.

Now, when it was first released, I downloaded the first episode of it to see what it was like and to see what sort of show it was going to be. This is my review of the show from listening to one episode – there are many different ones out now so whilst taking this on board, why not give it a download and listen to make your own mind up on it too.

Episode Review – Kristen Bell

The show starts with a intro from Dax and sort of already telling the audience that he wasn’t sure whether to post or publish this podcast in the first place because him and his wife were in a the middle of a dispute and at the top of the interview it is obvious the tension between the two. It takes a  good while for the awkward feeling to clear in the air a bit and you may find that you have entered the middle of a lovers tiff and it is a tad uncomfortable as they are a bit argumentative with each other.

Once the conversation seems to mellow out a little bit it becomes a much easier episode to listen to. Due to the face Dax and Kristen are married, there feels like the podcast is very honest and that there is no holding back, it is like hearing a very rare insight into the world of one of Hollywoods most solid couples.

The shows structure is a very simple one – it is all about the world of conversation — it is discussing everything about how they got into acting, to the fun in between and the journey on how they become a couple. The podcast is over 2 hours long and if you are looking for something for lots of laughs, then this is not for you. If you are looking for a podcast that is just of two people talking then this is one for you.

The podcast has potential and I am sure it will do really well, but from an actor interviewing others, i think it has a lot of comepetitors out there and will have to really pull out all the guns to make it something really special.

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