Nostalgic Nineties – MASH

Does he love me? Will I be rich? Will I own a car? Will I have children? All very serious questions and back in the nineties it was all answered by a very simple word – MASH – whatever the MASH told you was going to happen it was and you would forever be held to the decision of the game.

Have you heard of MASH? No, well I better explain – it was a game that I think came from the eighties but dominated school in the Nineties. I was where you would write down 4 different options under partner, car, number, occupation etc and then you would ask the person who gave you the choices to give you a number and then younwoikd cross out the result when you got to the number they gave you everytime. So if the person gave you the number nine you would count round all the options and when you got to nine you would cross that out. The aim was to have an option in each column and then you would tell that persons future.

So for example – you will marry zac, have 3 kids, live in a shack (The S in MASH) own a mini and be a doctor. When you were at school the rule was always to make two of the partners boys you fancied and then two of them boys who were ugly or in the terms of school slang “minging” – if you got a boy that was the latter of the two you would laugh at them – that was school life for you!

We played this so much at school, it was so addictive and if your crush saw it you would get really embarrassed. It was played in boring lessons, at sleepovers, at friends houses- anywhere! It was addictive and for a good ten years I forgot about this until a few years agomand had a massive nostalgia hit.

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