Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop – This Week – Katie Price

She is a name that you will recognise no doubt for something – whether it is her modelling career, her writing, her equestrian clothing line, her relationships or her appearances on television – you will now the name Jordan or as she is now predominantly these days – Katie Price. Throughout the years she has dabbled in the world of music and released singles as well as an album. Did you know that she even released a single in 2017 called I Got U – i didn’t until I saw it pop up on one of the shows I work on. So today we are going to look at the musical conquests of Katie Price.

The first musical venture by Katie Price into the world of music was in 2005 when she was one of the nominees to represent UK in the Eurovision Song Contest with a song called ‘Not Just Anybody’. She did not win the chance to go to the competition she was beat by Touch My Fire by Javine.

The next venture into the musical world came in 2006 with her then husband, Peter Andre when they released both a single and an album under the name of the Disney song A Whole New World. The album went certified gold and sold over 150,000 copies and included songs such as Endless Love, The Best Things In Life Are Free and Just the Two of Us. The Album reached number 20 in the UK charts and the single A Whole New World reached number 12 in the charts.

Before the 2017 single there was also a song released in 2010 called Free To Love Again – it was not an official single but was a digital download that people could get. She only performed this song twice – one on This Morning and another time at the venue G-A-Y in London. So lets spend today looking at just some of the music by Katie Price.

Not Just Anybody

A Whole New World feat Peter Andre

Free to Love Again

I Got U

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