Welcome to Podcast Month on The Phoenix Remix

This month, is all about the podcast – there are so many podcasts out there and the media format is becoming saturated with more every day. Well this month is all about a celebration of all things downloadable that you can listen to at any time of the day. This month we are not only going to be telling you what podcasts you should give a try but also maybe even dipping into the archive as well as welcoming you to ones you may not of heard about.

We will be interviewing many people who own podcasts and find out more about their show and the processes they go to produce their shows. We will also be looking at award winning podcasts and even record breaking podcasts – the world is our oyster and this month we are exploring it all!

So, sit back, get your headphones ready, clear some space off your iphone and get ready for a whole lot of podcast recommendations to be thrown your way!

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