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The Travel Book – Skyview, Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden

Today we look at a building that is not just a place that you need to visit but it is also a construction that architectually takes things to a brand new height. It is the largest hemispherical building on Earth and you can actually ride up the side of it in an inclined elevator called the Skyview.

The Ericsson Globe is situated in Johanneshov in Stockholm Sweden and was built between the years of 1986 – 1989. The building is actually an arena and over the years it has seen huge artists play there including Green Day, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Spice Girls and Ed Sheeran. It has also been the home to many NHL Ice Hockey events as well.

When I was in Stockholm for a weekend a few years ago, we came across this place completely by accident and whilst it was the daytime and there was no concert to go to – I thought It was only right that I went on one of the main atttractions – Skyview.

Now, if you are scared of heights this is not the ride for you – believe me when I say it is big and because you are travelling up the side of a curve you can actually feel the depth of the height. From memory, the weirdest thing I remember from it is that the cabin you are in slowly rotates as you raise and it has a very unusual sensation.

You have to pay 150 SEK to be slowly launched up to 425 metres. You get a great view of around Stockholm. The whole thing take about 30 minutes and it is definitely something you should do when you visit Stockholm

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