The Games That Time Forgot – Klonoa: Empire of Dreams, Gameboy Advance

51qF3hOvUTLToday we look at a game that was on the Gameboy Advance and was baseed around a character that was the front of a number of games in the series  created by Namco. The game was one of the middle games of the series and was called Klonoa: Empire of Dreams.

The game was released in 2001 for the GameBoy Advance and was developed by Namco and Now Production. The game was a 2D sidescroller platform game that followed the hero Klonoa who has to defeat the four great monsters of the land that he lives on as a punishment for dreaming in his sleep by the Emperor Jillius. Klonoa the hero was predominantly recognised for his long ears and his weapon which looked like a ring called the Wind Bullet.

The aim of the game is to defeat all the monsters and beat all the levels that lay in front of him. You have to find three stars to progress onto the next level and along the way collect crystals, 1ups and lots more to increase your health.

The game received a reasonable score amongst its critics with an average of 85% for positive reviews. People found the game a good addition to the Klonoa universe and that it had great graphic capabilities. It was also praised for being a game that you want to play until the absolute end.

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