Travel Vs The Comedian – Insomniac with Dave Attell

The most recent trend in the travel show is to attach a comedy to it and there are so many – some serious, some spoofs, some that are the dynamics of an actual scripted comedy and others because they were one big practical joke! Travel Thursdays have just got bigger as we are now adding a comedic spin on it where we are looking at the comedian versus the travel.

Today we look at a show that was aired on Comedy Central between the years of 2001 – 2004 and had 4 seasons, Insomniac  with Dave Attell. The show was hosted by American comedian Dave Attell and saw him travel to different cities but the spin was he explored them at night. Each show would start at his stand up gig and then he would go to various bars, restaurants, clubs and city landmarks at the middle of the night.

Whilst he explores he meets people who work night shifts at unusual jobs in the said city he also takes photos on his disposable camera to make it stand out more. Every episode ends the same way with the sun rising and Dave saying his catchphrase “Get some sleep!” as photos he took with the photo appear on the screen. Some of the cities that Dave visits include Tokyo, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro and London.

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