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The Travel Book – The British Wildlife Centre, Newchapel, Lingfield, Surrey

If you are someone that loves animals, wildlife and nature then there is a place that you should visit that is there to both conserve and educate people about British Wildlife – The British Wildlife Centre in Newchapel, Lingfield, Surrey.


The centre is home to over 40 species of animal including badgers, hedgehogs, red squirrels, owls and kestrels. As well as being able to walk round and see all the animals, there are also keeper talks throughout the day where you watch the animals being fed and also learn about more about the species.


The centre is a perfect place for photography and there are many sweet spots where you can take a great photograph including the wetland boardwalk which takes you on a very picturesque walk. There is a lot to do for all the family  including a children’s play area and a picnic location.

Now, if you don’t drive, then this place is impossible to get to unless you want o pay for a taxi – i should know i am one of those people and only got a chance to go when my friend who drives wanted to visit. The entrance fee as well is £11.50 for adults and £8.50 for children – whilst this seems expensive, the park is quite big and there is lots of unusual animals to see.


If you are wanting to visut the Wildlife Centre then it is open a lot of times of the years but varies on opening times depending on what time of the year it is.

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  1. The Wildlife Centre is great. We had wanted to introduce the children to British wildlife and it was the perfect place to start. I loved the red squirrels. Even I had never seen those. You have inspired me to look again at the photos.

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