Love To Laugh Month – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Love Soundtrack!

It’s valentines day month which will mean part of the population will be all loved up and the other half have to sit there and ignore the fact that we are not part of it. Well never fear! We are here to make you laugh yourself silly this month – because laughter is fun and what a better way to get through this time of the year then LAUGHING! So welcome to a set of articles that are there to make you laugh about the topic then wallow in self pity!

Today we are looking at the world of fun and comic music of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that is bound to help you through this month of February! If you have not watched the comedy musical show yet then where have you been?! it’s ok we don’t judge you at all, it is a place however of some great music that mocks what we do for love, how we get over love and everything in between! So get ready because here is ten of some of the best songs to come out of the show that mock the world of love! They are not in a particular order but they are all worth a listen!

10) Put Yourself First

When you like someone you pull out all the stops to make sure you look good for them so that they notice you. However as this song states – you should put yourself first and make sure you look good for you and not them!

9) Sex With A Stranger

If you have had a one night stand then these words in this song may sound familiar to you and make you laugh. If you haven’t, lets be honest if you go on first dates through the medium of online dating then a lot of these will be running through yours as well.

8) The Sexy Getting Ready Song

This is a great song and really defines the world of getting ready for a date. In your mind you believe that it is all glamorous but more then likely if you were a stranger looking in, it would probably look like a utter mess.

7) Settle For Me

This song really depicts that moment when someone asks you out and you are not sure if you want to be with them. It is a great little number and I am sure a lot of us have been in this situation before.

6) Oh My God I Think I Like You

This is a great little song and works on many levels. Some people do Friends with benefits going into it not thinking they will fall for the other and a lot of the times one of them will have the realisation that they like the other. It’s a fun little song but even if you aren’t a FWB it still has the same sort of reaction when you fall for someone and realise it for the first time.

5) Lets Have Intercourse

This song is just hilarious because the lyrics are just so stupid in the fact that a good looking guy wants to have sex with someone who he clearly thinks is lower then him in looks etc It’s a fun little number to watch.

4) Let’s Generalize About Men

You break up with someone or get dumped or messed around and what do girls do – they get together and put all guys in a box and moan about how they are the worst. This song is great and really is a power ballad for all women out there.

3) Hot Guys Has Problems Too

This song has such a huge comedy factor because lets be honest most of the time this is probably true. They are hot, they are fit, they get all the girls they want and even more then likely have amazing jobs so why look so sad – a great song that takes the mickey and its very catchy.

2) It Was A Shit Show

Sadly, everyone has to go through a messy break up and sometimes the person you are breaking up with you like a lot. Whilst this song has a lot of comedy factor, it also can be quite sad elements to it as well.

1) I’m Just A Girl In Love

The Opening Titles to the second series really describe and depict how it feels to be in love / have a boyfriend – you feel on top of the world and the style and cinemaography in this number make it great fun to watch.


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