Love to Laugh Month – Interview – Sandy and Danni Present Blind Date With A Twist

This month is all about the world of Valentines Day and there are some shows that are not just performing about love and relationships but are actually there to may even help you find love! On the 16th February Sandy and Danni are bringing you their Blind Date With A Twist show which is all about the world of love! I spoke with Angela (who plays Danni) to find out more.

Tell us about Sandy and Danni who you all are and a little bit about yourselves?

Sandy and Danni are in fact fictional characters created by Leanna and Angela. They have toured with these characters performing improvised dates since 2015. The idea for Blind Date With a twist came from their hit show Leanna and Angela Presents, which they have performed in various theatres around Europe.

Sandy (Leanna Wigginton) and Danni (Angela Pollard) are professional love gurus all the way from the USA. They are here to share their knowledge and empower you with their professional matchmaking skills through a series of challenges and forfeits, giving one lucky couple the opportunity to meet the person of their dreams and have a happy ending!

Tell us a little bit about the show you are performing on the 16th February? 

Golden tickets are given out to the audience as they enter the space. The audience is encouraged to volunteer their friend or themselves to compete for a chance to find friendship or romance.

The show starts with five volunteers playing a classic game of Twister on the stage, the victor of which becomes our lucky Seeker. They get the opportunity to choose three contestants from the buckets containing the golden tickets previously submitted by the audience. They can choose girls, boys or both depending on their preference.

Our gorgeous cupid brings up our contestants and Sandy and Danni find out their names and where they come from. Then the competition starts with a series of games. The contestants are given points for each round they win, and ends with the Seeker choosing their winner, and us sending them on a date!

Will there be any love themed surprises for the audience? 

Loads!! We have a cupid on hand (Rory Vieyra, or Rory Ferrero Rocher as we like to call him). We also have Our Phil (Phil Lunn) on the piano creating personalised songs on the spot! And on top of that we have games! The games include ‘Twister’, ‘Do William Shakespeare’ which involves reciting cheesy love songs with conviction, and ‘Best Licker,’ a licking competition to see who can finish a Twister ice lolly the fastest, to name but a few!

What makes you different to other comedy shows happening around London that are Valentines Day Themed? 

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be for people who are in relationships! It should be an opportunity for everyone to celebrate how much they love each other. Friends, family, pets, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands unicorns and of course dragons.

That is why we are bringing back a classic and putting our twist on it. Blind Date with a Twist is a live game show pairing people and connecting them with a friend or lover!

Even if you don’t play, it’s heart-warming to see people get together as well as being incredibly funny and silly!

And we have prizes!!

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media? 

We have one too many…

Leanna and Angela Present to keep updated with all our projects.


FB: /LeannaAngelaPresent

Twitter: @LeannaandAngela

Sandy & Danni

Twitter @SandyandDanni & FB /SandyandDanni

Blind Date with a Twist

Twitter: @BlindDateTwist

FB: /BlindDatewithaTwist/

Website: where people can sign up to our mailing list.

Also, watch this space for our new web series Unicorn Guardians which will be having its own social media handles.

What are the best things about creating a show about blind date? 

Getting to work on a show that feels like it’s a party for everyone. We meet so many lovely people at each show. Plus making crazy costumes and props is a lot of fun.

what are the best things about creating a show about blind date? Have you had any successful pairings? 

The first show we did one couple did seem to like each other a lot!

And at our Christmas show there were a few sparks flying… Hopefully one day a couple will meet through our show, fall in love and get married!! That would be awesome!!

If people want to get involved with your nights how do they apply? 

Just turn up and pop your name down. Easy peasy

And Finally – in three words why should people come and see you at The Miller?

Love is there.


Favourite sitcom? Broad City

Favourite comedian? Simon Amstell

Favourite short form game to play in improv? Two headed experts

The last thing you liked on social media? Most likely a cute animal video

What would your autobiography be called? Oh for Fuck’s Sake…

What is your favourite joke? – Knock Knock who’s there? I Dunup. I Dunup who. Dirty bastard!

Improv group you would love to collaborate with? Nu Z Land!

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