Love To Laugh Month – Some Of The Best Jokes About Love Part 2

If there is one thing that is a common trend in stand up comedy then it is peoples experiences in the world of love and relationships. Some stand up comedians core source of comedy comes from the world of well, their own and usually exaggerated stories of past relationships, current relationships or break ups. There are so many great stand up routines about this subject, that we thought we would do a couple of articles to celebrate them!

Michael Mcintyre – Jokes About his Wife

Michael McIntyre is now a household name and is a lead host on the BBC and one thing that he is known for is his stand up jokes about his wife and family. He talks about them in a loving way but they also create a lot of great humour.

Russell Howard – Losing Your Virginity

Russell is one of those comedians that does not shy away from any topic and will approach all of them in his unique and very funny way. The story about losing your virginity is hilarious and very true to his style of show.

Mae Martin – Dating Men

If you haven’t heard of Mae Martin then she is a comedian that you should really go and see live and she doesn’t just do stand up she does comedy songs as well and they are very fun to hear. This joke above is all about the world of dating and was on Sky Ones Russell Howards show.

Jon Richardson – OCD & Relationships

Jon is one of those comedians that it is hard not to like and if you are familiar with his book that he wrote or his appearances on any comedy panel show – you will know that Jon has OCD and it is a part of his stand up with a mix of relationships mixed in.

Rowan Atkinson – Elementary Dating

If there is one comedian that brings a clever and unique approach to the topic of dating. In this routine, Rowan acts out things to do and not to do in a dating situation – very humorous.

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