The Phoenix Remix appears on the Improv London Podcast!

This month I had the opportunity to visit Stuart Moses of Improv London Podcast to talk about all things improv and I jumped at the chance! I love talking about Improv and comedy at the best of times so when I got invited to do it for an hour then it was such a great chance to have some fun!

In the chat we talk predominantly about The Phoenix Remix and my improv troupe Punderstandably as well as the styles of improv and the community in general. Even though we did discuss improv and comedy at great length we did get a little bit off topic as we are both lovers of pop music and we do end up talking about the Forgotten Pop! article on this site a bit too much!


Here are a few topics that we covered on the podcast:

+ Improv – we talk about the styles of improv and why I prefer short form to long form
+ Taste of States – we discuss American Comedian John Egan and his food channel One minute Review
+ C3Something – one of our most regular writers is Mariana of C3? and we discuss about them writing for us.
+ Comedy in general – we discuss different areas of comedy including comedians such as John Robins, Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster.

You can listen to the full interview below:

Link to interview

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