A Farewell to Lost in Music…

So, we have now come to the end of this months feature, Lost In Music – I have really enjoyed writing it and I really hope that you have enjoyed reading it. To sort of end the feature I felt it was only right to put all of the months music under one roof including a playlist so you can listen to it in it’s entirety and re-read any of the articles all over again!

A Song That Makes You Happy: Angels and Airwaves – Anxiety 

A Song that Helps You Clear Your Head: Famous Last Words -My Chemical Romance 

A Song that Makes you Laugh: The Lonely Island – Diaper Money

A Song That Reminds You of Something Sad: Moby – Porcelain

A Song that has a New Meaning Every Time: Spice Girls – 2 Become 1

A Song That You Can Always Relate To: It Was Always You – Maroon 5

A Song That is Your Guilty Pleasure: Best Song Ever – One Direction

A Song That You Liked When You Were Younger: Don’t Wanna Let You Go – 5ive

A Song That Makes You Want To Dance: Heart Skips a Beat – Olly Murs

10 A Song From A New Album You Are Waiting To Come Out: Hold Me Tight Or Don’t – Fall Out Boy

11 A Song that Reminds You of Summer: Yeah 3X – Chris Brown

12 A Song that Reminds You of Your Best Friend: Jedward – Lipstick

13 A Song that You Sing in the Shower: A Jolly Holiday – Mary Poppins

14 A Song That You Like Hearing Live: Save Our Selves (The Warning) – The Blackout

15 A Song that People wouldn’t expect You To Like: Barbera Streisand and Chris Pine – I’ll Be Seeing You / I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face

16 A Song that Holds A Lot of Meaning To You: In The End – Linkin’ Park

17 A Song That Annoys You: Hello – Adele

18 A Song That You Have As Your Ringtone: After Midnight – Blink-182

19 A Song That You Are Currently Obsessed With: Filthy – Justin Timberlake

20 A Song That Makes You Cry: End of An Era – Marianas Trench

21 A Song That You Want To Dance To At Your Wedding: Lets Get Ready to Rhumble – PJ and Duncan

22 A Song That Would Be The Theme Song To A TV Show About Your Life: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? – She and Him

23 A Song that makes you angry: Dancing On My Own – Calum Scott

24 A Song that Is A Cover: Basket Case – Bastille

25 A Song That Is An Acoustic You Love: Night Drive – The All-American Rejects

26 A Song That Is By Your Favourite Band: Desperate Measures – Marianas Trench

27 A Song You Make Fun Of: No Matter What – Boyzone

28 Lost In Music – A Song that Reminds You Of An Ex: Karma Chameleon – Me First and The Gimme Gimme Gimmes

29 A Song that is currently stuck in your head – Hot Guys Have Problems Too – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

30 A Song That You Haven’t Listened To In A While: Dangerous (feat Sam Martin) – David Guetta

31 A Song That You Like The Lyrics To: The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy



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