The Improv Diaries – New Games and Testing New Ground….[Case Study Greg Proops]

This week was all about focussing on the future and reading through the first draft of our setting and script for Improv Towers. We are extending a 10 minute set into a two hour night with special guests throughout the evening – so we are using the time to run through it, come up with games and everything in between.

There is a lot that goes into planning a night and sometimes you need to take the first stepping stones to get to where you are going. I have read enough comedians autobiographies to know that you have to plan in advance and continuously write and write and write to make sure things go the way you want. Whilst a lot of our show is improvised, it is still important to be on top of it all.

This week was all about trying as many new games as we can – whilst we are prepping for the big show we have a lot of sets so we are going to use these as a way to test out new games galore.

The good thing about Punders is that we don’t stick to just trying games that are the normal short form – we also make up new games form scratch – both myself and James learnt this technique from Stephan and the others tend to be inspired with ideas that they come up with – it is great to have a groups where we are happy to test things out and see what works.

For the February show Michael is the Master Of The Keys which will be fun to be a part of because he is very good at stepping into characters and the presenter has the biggest job of all, leading people through the Towers and editing scenes. Everyone brings  unique style to the character and this will mean lots of fun and wackiness.

Case Study – Greg Proops

This week I have been watching old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway to see the legends at work and to get inspiration for future games. Greg is one of those people that is really fun to watch when he improvises because he can create serious personas that are so hysterically funny and also some of the most weird and wonderful creations that you could only imagine.

This week was all about getting a idea if our show concept worked and it became evident that there needs to be excitement and the unexpected to really make an audience laugh out loud. There is one game I watched that I absolutely loved him doing and that was a television show in the for of a Chat show. The idea of the game is to have a chat show like Jeremy Karl but about the characters of a fairy tale. Greg was so good at doing it because he can create a presenter format so great that it is hysterical to watch. He takes the silly subject and makes it into something so serious that it creates so much humour.

I also saw him live at the Whose Line Is It Anyway in London a few years back and he was awesome – he was so much funnier in real life which is really saying something as he is just a really funny person already.


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