INTERVIEW / SHOW OF THE WEEK – Awkwardly Quiet, The Miller

Today we are going to talk to a twoprov that are performing a set at The Miller on the 24th January. Awkwardly Quiet are an Organic Improv Troupe made up of Lizzy Mace and Andreas Södermark and i sat down with them to find out more about their show.

Hello! Tell us about Awkwardly Quiet! Who you all are and a little bit about yourselves?

We are Lizzy Mace (UK) and Andreas Södermark (SWE). We are two hu-maans. From Ee-arth. We are normal. We are both actors and teachers who enjoy improvising together.

How did you come up with the name of you troupe Awkwardly Quiet?

By accident. We think. Our recollections disagree. The accident part we agree on though. It was by accident. By accident. That’s a good team name. Maybe we should use that. Tonight: By Accident. Yeah.

Tell us a little bit about the show you are performing on the 24th January?

We are currently preparing for a run at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in, well, Adelaide. So we are practising and performing our tiny little hearts out for that. The show in Adelaide is called “Two Idiots, No Script” and our hook is that we don’t have a hook. We don’t have a form. We have no idea what shape the show is going to be, what genre, format, how we’ll edit scenes, whether there will even be any scenes. It’s a good time.

AwkwardlyQuiet - ShowWhat have been the highlights of the shows that you have performed previously?

A 20-minute dramatic scene about post-apocalyptic betrayal. A whole show where every character turns out to be an alien in disguise. A 10-minute scene where the only word used is “chair”. A show that contains no scenes at all, just two idiots trying to decide how to start the show.

You perform Organic Improv – for those who are not familiar, what is this and what makes it different to other styles?

It’s a deliberate approach to not try to make anything happen, but to co-creatively allow whatever needs to happen to happen. It’s discovering everything along the way rather than making plans.

You also host a number of different workshops – tell us a little bit about them and how people can get involved?

Andreas has a background in physical theatre and clowning as well as Chicago-style improv. Lizzy has a background in acting, comedy writing and improv. We combine our ideas and experiences into pretty neat workshops to facilitate the individual evolution of players. We consider improv a branch of theatre, more than a branch of comedy. We focus a lot on on-stage physicality, calming the fuck down and having fun. We announce upcoming workshops on our Facebook page, and are always happy to create custom workshops. We’re very approachable weirdos.

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

We have a Facebook page:

We have a tweetbulb:

What do you think 2018 holds for the world of improv – what would you like to see happen in the next 12 months?

More idiots making dumb shows. A lot of people try to be smart. We like dumb. It’s more truthful.

And Finally – in three words, why should people come and see you at The Miller?

Awkwardly quiet show?


Favourite sitcom?

Rick and Morty.

Favourite comedian?

Your mum.

Favourite short form game to play in improv?

Your mum.

The last thing you liked on social media?

Your mum.

What would your autobiography be called?

My mum.

What is your favourite joke?

– Knock, knock.

– Who’s there?

– Your mum.


Improv group you would love to collaborate with?

All our mums.

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