The Games That Time Forgot – The Simpsons Skateboarding, PlayStation 2

IMG_0228Today we look at a game that was featuring some of the biggest cartoon icons of this century and ones that have had some reasonable good games – Tapped Out, Road Rage and The Game to name a few. However, The Simpsons have had some not so great games – we have already looked at the Simpsons Wrestling game in this article, well today we look at the game The Simpsons Skateboarding.

Considering  one of it’s lead characters is an avid skateboarder it was only natural that this would be a step in the gaming world (especially when games like Tony Hawks were create a craze) but sadly this game is ranked as one of the worst games.

The game was released on Playstation 2 in 2002 and was Developed by The Code Monkeys and Published by Electronic Arts. The game was voiced by all the original voice actors of the Simpsons cast and was based around the story of Springfield being converted into one big skate park for the Annual Skate Tour. The players have the ability to choose which character they play with and then they can go into different competitions to compete for the prize.

There is also a two player mode where you can play against friends and compete in a varietby of different games in different modes such as Freeskate, Skate Fest, Trick Contest and even the game HORSE. By Playing multi player you are able to unlock more characters, locations and skateboards.

The game got a really bad reception and very negative reviews from the critics with people calling it one of the worst games in history. I remember vaguely playing this myself and I don’t remember much about it apart from the fact that I remember it being really difficult to control. I  was a huge fan of Tony Hawks games so I was hoping that this would be up to the same spec and it wasn’t and it really upset me. I think I don’t remember a lot about it because I think I tried it and then never played it again. That was the wonder of renting a game from Blockbuster – you could try a game out and then never play it again if it was that bad. I miss Blockbuster. Thank goodness for CEX and cheap games.

It’s a shame that a game that has such an iconic skater had such a bad game, but hey, sometimes that’s what happens.

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