REVIEW: M A N I A, Fall Out Boy

Today, Fall Out Boy released their much awaited album MANIA. Just in true FOB style this album is very different from the one that was before. The sound is different, unique and very modern and fresh feeling.

The first thing to mention about this album is that every single that has come off of this track has been very different and unique with the best one being Hold Me Tight Or Don’t as it has a really catchy drum beat that definitely has undertones of salsa or that sort of dance to it.

True to Fall Out Boy form, the song titles are magic, they all are very different from any other band and would be something that other bands wouldn’t probably even dare to think of (such as Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea).

It is a very easy album to listen to – each song is full of power and catchy guitar riffs which intertwine in between melodic rhythms and lyrics. Some of the stand out tracks include Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) as it has a great melody throughout, as well as great lyrics.

Another song that is a good track is Heavens Gate, it has underlying factors of a more blues/swing to it but the piano that intertwines between it and the really choral chorus really makes it a powerful song.

Sunshine Riptide is a very different style for Fall Out Boy as it has a real summer feel with a reggae twist mixed in.

The thing that is disappointing about the track is that it is only 10 tracks, it feels like it needs a couple more to make it feel a bit more “whole”.

If you are a fan of Fall Out Boy, I think you will be satisfied with the developments they have made to create a unique and fresh feeling album and it was worth the delay of the release.

If you are not a fan of Fall Out Boy, I would say give it a chance. It’s so different to a lot of their previous work that you may just like some of it. It is obvious with a lot of artists (such as Justin Timberlake) and this album that Music is 2018 is going to new and interesting places and it will be good to see if these new and fresh revitalised vibes progress as they are making it feel like it’s and exciting time to be watching the music scene

Album Rating – 8/10

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