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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Semisonic

Today we look at an American Rock Band that had success in the nineties, especially with one of their songs that became a good hit. They were around until 2001 but they went on to perform a few shows last year. Today we look at the band Semisonic.

Semisonic was formed in 1995 and was created with three members – Dan Wilson who was lead vocals, John Munson on Bass Guitar and Jacob Slichter who was on drums. They were from Minneapolis in Minnesota and were signed to the record label MCA. The formation of the band came around when Dan and Johns former band Trip Shakespeare broke up.

They initially produced an EP that was released in 1995 called Pleasure on the independent record label called CherryDisc. In 1996 they released a full album called Great Divide on their record label they signed to MCA.

They became famous and recognised in the USA when they released their second album called Feeling Strangely Fine which was the home to their biggest selling single in the States. The single that was their biggest hit was called Closing Time and went to number 11 in the US Chart, number 25 in the UK Chart and Number 1 in the US Alternative Chart.

Another song that became a hit for Semisonic, especially in the UK was the song Secret Smile which was played a lot in the summer of 1999 which was called Secret Smile and it even reached number 13 in the Charts.

In 2001, they released the third album called All About Chemistry and was the home to the songs Chemistry and Over My Head but they did not do as well as their prior hits. After this album there was no more released, however a lot of their songs have been used for films and television shows such as Summer Catch, Friends With Benefits, 10 Things I Hate About You and The Office. So lets have a look at some of their singles today! ]

Down In Flames


Closing Time

Singing In My Sleep

Secret Smile


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