Today we look at the solo music career of one of the leading members of the boyband N*Sync, Joshua Scott Chasez, or what most people know him as – JC Chasez. When he was with N*Sync he dabbled with a couple of solo projects on the side including appearing on the remixes of the song Bring It All To Me by Blaque.

His real solo career didn’t start until the boyband went on hiatus and in 2002 he released his first single Blowin’ Me Up (With Her Love) which was released as part of the Drumline soundtrack.

In 2004 JC started to release more music as well as his debut album Schizophrenic. There was only two songs released off this album and they were All Day Long I Think About Sex and Some Girls (Dance With Women). The only song to enter the charts in the UK was Some Girls and it peaked at number 13. The album got mixed reviews from the critics and it was the only album that the musician released. Even though his album may of not of been a huge success like his fellow band member Justin, he still writes songs for many artists including Backstreet Boys and one for McFly.

So lets have a look at the solo career of Mr JC Chasez

All Day Long I Dream About Sex

Some Girls Dance With Women

Blowin’ Me Up