The Games That Time Forgot – Maru’s Mission, Original Game Boy

cover_largeToday we delve into the world of Game Boy and look at a game that was criticised by some for its poor graphics however it was the first game in the Jajamaru series – today we look at the original Game Boy game – Maru’s Mission.

The game which also went by the name Oira JaJaMaru! Sekai Daibōken was released internationally in 1991, it was developed by Tose and published by Jaleco. The Game was in the action genre has a similar storyline to other games that Marus girlfriend has been kidnapped and your mission is to find her.

In the game the aim is to travel to a variety of worlds such as Forest, Underground Bone Cavern, Desert and a Mountain trying to rescue Cori. The monsters you have to fight on every level are based on folklore.

In 2012, the game became available to download on the 3DS Virtual Console.


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