NEW FEATURE: Nostalgic Nineties – Pocket Critters

I was born at the end of the eighties, so I spent a lot of the nineties as a kid and growing up – this means that whilst I have memories of this time they are probably not as strong as the noughties. So in this brand new feature I thought each week we will look at a different toy, trend, or object that was big in the nineties to take a walk down memory lane. Everything these days is all about technology and computers – so I want to explore the stuff that was around that wasn’t all reliant on the technology. So welcome to a new weekly feature where Saturdays just got Nostalgic!

So when i started researching this item I came across a lot of stuff I remembered and a lot of stuff that i actually forgot existed and when i came across it I was burst straight back to the nineties and today’s item is one of those things. I remember that a lot of people used to have key chains that you would be jealous of  and you wished you had – that seems pretty lame right? The reason we wanted them so much was that when these big bright coloured shells opened there was a moving scenario, mainly animals moving inside!

Pocket Critters were a huge thing in the nineties and apparently the eighties as well – animals or scenarios would be in a shell that would be part of a chain or pulley system that when you opened it up the character or animal inside would make a mini movement. They were available everywhere – people even mention that they were available to buy at random places like the shops at the beach!

Here are a few of the said product so you can see just the different varieties they came in!







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