Thank You! III

Our third and last thank you for 2017 comes right at the start of 2018!

We want to thank every single person who developed shows, helped produced, perform on and sat on the audience of our Late Night Special.

Late Night Special is a space open to everyone who wants to try an idea for a show, play and experiment. In 2017 we had completely new shows, returning shows, Camden and Edinburgh Fringe previews, extended Jams. We had improv, stand-up, sketch, character comedy and a lot of experimentation with new forms…all in all, we had many fun and enjoyable shows!

We had House Parties, thrown by our house teams. We had Once Upon a Story, where the stage was open for storytelling about real stories and Storytelling Jams, where stories told inspired improvised comedy. Meat Man Ticket System invite you to bring your sketches in for a Table Read and tried hard to be serious and commit to their acting in their extended Monoscenes in You Two Are Grounded.
John Agapiou, Rebecca Schuster and Mariana Feijó brought us Never Again, a show that brought together people who had never performed in the same team for their first time together – new teams came out of it and that’s great! We had Two Up!, two prov evening brought to us by Joe Friedman and Victoria Hogg. We had the break out hit Word of Muff, 20% Less attempt to smash the patriarchy and one of our favourite shows this year!

18192661_844878768984209_6683752936985905176_o (1)

We had the preview from the amazing Camden Fringe show Obsessions, where Anne Zander, Rebecca Schuster and Abbey Kos entertained us with their own obsessions. Rachel Parris came to preview her Ed Fringe show Keynote and we loved it! We Are Thomasse took over our slot to do their Leicester Square Theatre show! Between Us had its debut on our stage and once again we had two people, Rachel Thorn and Alex Keen, really committing to their acting to bring us the story of a relationship.
We had Keith Malda tell us amazing, unexpected and sometimes even shocking and traumatic real life stories from which people jumped to improvise comedy! We had a full room with our MBTIJam, in which we used the personality test and people’s personalities to build up what could be the perfect teams. We had many jams – diversity jams with the aim to show how much needs to be done to improve diversity and representation in the London improv scene; Super Jams in which we tried forms rarely tried out in the jams at our disposal – bats, soundtracks, real door monoscenes…you name it! if there’s a fun form you heard of we’ve tried it, and if we haven’t, just tell us about it and we’ll do it in 2018!
We had Gravid Water, a show where actors learn a script and improvisers try to play along with their improvising skills, knowing nothing about what’s going on – quite the hilarious challenge! And last but not least, we even got stand-up comedians improvise their colleagues sets in Notes, a show Keith Malda came up with.


We also want to take this last thank you post to thank Hoopla Impro at The Miller for giving us the space to hold our Improv 5-a-side, for offering their stage to some of our visiting international guests to play and for opening their stage up to our Movie and other endeavours. We’d like to thank the London Improv Theatre for inviting us to play. We’d like to thank Zeal Festival for working with us and holding one of their festival nights with us. And we’d like to thank our friends at Duck Duck Goose, in Bristol and in Birmingham for having us play and teach with them!

We’re back very soon with workshops with guest teachers starting right up on the 5th January and our first show on the 7th January. Check our Facebook and Website for more details!

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