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Thank You! III

Our third and last thank you for 2017 comes right at the start of 2018! We want to thank every single person who developed shows, helped produced, perform on and sat on the audience of our Late Night Special. Late Night Special is a space open to everyone […]

We’re all storytellers

We’ve had such an amazing time at last night’s show! The Storytelling Jam proved to be a great concept and one we’ll be sure to repeat! This week’s Tuesday Drop-in will not be taught by anyone. Yes, that’s right, there’s no Drop-in class on the 12th September. But […]

Improv Skills

Tuesday drop in is on tomorrow with Liam Brennan! You love Lord Of The Rings & Game of Thrones and want to create similarly fantastical worlds on stage? Using the unlimited budget improv scenes provide you, you can! With a rich base reality created, inspiration will come naturally […]

Classes & Shows with C3?

Our Tuesday skill-focused drop-in will be taught by Carleen Macdermid. “You Only Think Twice” The beauty of improv is that the worst, un-funny scenes you do cease to exist the second they’re over. The tragedy of improv is your best scenes go the same way. This week we […]

INTERVIEW: Meet our new writers C3?

In the last few weeks C3? have become regular writers for The Phoenix Remix for a few weeks now, so its only mandatory that we welcome them on board with an interview to introduce them to you properly! So ladies and gentlemen, readers new and old, Meet Carleen […]