INTERVIEW: Podcast of the Year – Improv London

This year there has been one Podcast that has been giving the world a real insight into the ever growing London Improv scene – the podcast is going from strength to strength with 2018 set to make the show even bigger! Our podcast of the year is none other then Improv London and I sat down with Stuart Moses to find out whats in store.

Hello Stuart! Your podcast Improv London is our Podcast of the Year, congratulations!

Hi Holly, thank you very much. I can’t take the credit. Without my guests I am a lonely middle-aged man making a podcast on my own as a cry for help.

2017 has been a big year for improv how has it been for you?

It has been the best of years.

Doctor Twoprov played several hugely enjoyable shows. I love improvising in the world of Doctor Who, with my favourite TARDIS companion Bryn Salisbury. We are constantly surprised and delighted by each other, with the constant hope the audience feel the same way.

I joined The Nursery’s house team The Verbs. Musical improv is my first love. I could not ask for a more delightful group with which to play. It’s early days, and I haven’t quite abandoned my desire for narrative, but we’re having lots of fun exploring the Deconstruction format.

What’s been some of the highlights of the show for 2017?

Inspired by a conversation with Emily Brady of Improv Treehouse podcast I got out and about a bit more. I visited the Birmingham Improv Festival where everyone was so warm and welcoming I felt immediately at home. I recorded several interviews in a variety of locations, including on stage at the Blue Orange Theatre and in the grounds of St Paul’s Church. I also did a wonderful course on Ensemble Storytelling with Jon Bolden of Hideout Theatre.

I ran a Night Version jam at the Hoopla Improv Marathon in October. Inspired by Franck Buzz of Impro Infini, I projected slides and played music to inspire scenes. We had sixteen jammers on stage performing at the same time. At any moment it might have dissolved into chaos, but being on the edge made the show feel even more exciting and vital.

What advice would you give to people about the new year!

People and places can be frightening, but you don’t need to be afraid. People are generally good – and if they’re horrible then it’s their issue not yours. Improv breeds good habits in people, so they either become better people or return to stand-up.

What are the plans for Improv London podcast in 2018?

I want the podcast to evolve organically, but the format will stay the same. I’ll try and think of some new questions though.

What does the year of 2018 hold for the improv community what do you think will be big changes that will alter improv for 2019?

It’s an exciting time to be on the scene. I’d love to see a greater variety of voices seen and heard. London is a wonderfully diverse place, let’s see that represented on the stage. There is more that unites us than divides us – and we are stronger together.


* What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2018?

I’m going to work through the exercises in Katy Schutte’s The Improviser’s Way. I’ve read the book and found it helpful but I want to go back and do the exercises week by week.

* What act are you looking forward to seeing this year?

Showstopper! The Improvised Musical. Again.

* Who would you like to collaborate on a podcast with this year and why?

The booking policy for the Improv London Podcast is random and arbitrary. If I meet someone in class, or see them in a show, and I want to learn more then I’ll invite them to be guest.

* In three words what do you wish 2018 does for you?

Yes, And Ooh!

* Where do you see your podcast in a year’s time?

Getting better.

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