24 Days of Christmas – Christmas Eve Traditions

In a lot of countries Christmas Eve is the big day and there are lot of traditions based around it – these days we don’t really have any traditions as such as a family. When i was a child we would do what all families do – we would put out cookies and drink and a carrot for Santa and his Reindeer and leave a stocking at the end of the bed.

In recent years we haven’t really done the same thing every year. A few of the times we have been abroad we have used Christmas Eve as a day to go around the towns and cities to look at the Christmas lights as it gets us  into the Christmas Spirit. One of the vivid memories i have of doing this was the suburbs of Chicago because all the houses went above and beyond and they were amazing to go and see.

Another year, we were in Universal Studios and we went and watched the Dr Seuss lands version of The Grinch and that made us feel really festive as well. It is great travelling and hearing about local traditions on the way so I look forward to the future and finding out about more!


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