That Time When – I Went to the Gym on Christmas Day

Now, as you have read throughout the past month – I tend to travel at Christmas time and have spent the festive season in a lot of great places. Over that time I have spent Christmas Day in a variation of locations – one year at Universal watching the Christmas parade and going on rides, another time at the Zoo in Basel but also one year at the gym!

In the winter of 2012 we went on a cruise around the Mediterranean for Christmas – we went to lots of great places in Spain, Tunisia, Italy and France. We spent Christmas Eve in Valencia, Spain and Boxing Day in Tunisia however Christmas Day it was spent at sea.

Now, on cruise ships there is always a lot of activities happening around the boat even at times on the big day of Christmas. Each passenger got the gift of a towel from the boat to say Happy Christmas.

The Christmas period is a family time and we didn’t really want to be around others mainly because me and my mum were pretty much the youngest on the boat so the activities weren’t really for us and we like to keep ourselves to ourselves. We did the normal thing such as presents, a morning walk around the boat etc but in the afternoon we both felt if I am honest a tad bored so we both decided to go to the gym.

Going to gym on a boat is always a bit weird in the first place because when you are on the walking machine the boat is also moving so it’s a very weird experience – so much so my mum got so used to doing it on a boat she found it difficult to adjust to ones on dry land!

It was a weird place to go on Christmas Day as it is obviously dead and no one is really around and also it’s Christmas – it’s a tad bizarre and feels weird.

We spent the rest of the day doing various Christmas things but we did go to the gym more then once just to do something different – at least I suppose it’s something to tick off the list!

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