Off The Record – Sum 41

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! Today we talk about the music of – Sum 41

Daves Possessed Hair / What We’re All About – Half An Hour if Power

This song is pure punk rock madness and it has the real version of the rap that they sing at the beginning of the Fat Lip Music Video. This song is a lot of fun and really defines the early years.

Nothing on My Back – All Killer No Filler album

This song is really great it has fun lyrics and a great guitar melody. It’s a great song to open an album and really defines what the band were all about at this time.

Summer – All Killer No Filler album

This song was not a single but it appeared on a few teen movies at the time so it may sound familiar as it has that style of vibe. Just like the whole of this album it has Cathy lyrics that make you want to sing along

Mr Amsterdam- Does This Look Infected album

This song has a lot heavier guitar rifts then the previous albums and has screaming which really add to it. This song is very addictive as it has a great melody and is very easy to get into.

No Brains – Does This Look Infected album

This is another song with a great beat and tempo and it really defines the style in which this album thrives on. It’s a really great listen and highly recommend.

Welcome to Hell – Chuck album

This album took a very different approach for the band and yet again it’s got a heavier feel with slightly darker lyrics. It has a great few bass solos as well.

Count your Blessings – Underclass Hero album

This song is very addictive because of the beautiful piano melody that intertwines through the entire song. It is a great rock song and really is a great album track with the potential of being a single.

Ma Poubelle – Underclass Hero album

This song is very short and sweet but it’s worth a listen as it’s a pretty jolly song all sung entirely in French and gives a nice break through the album.

Holy images of lies – screaming bloody murder album

This album is a lot then all the rest before. This song has a good guitar melody and drum beat throughout but the lyrics are dark and very different.

Breaking the Chain – 13 voices album

Another album with a dark feel but the track with quite a few good songs – this song has a great set of lyrics and a really good chorus with great guitar melodies

Goddam I’m Dead Again – 13 voices album

This song has a great set of guitars to it throughout the whole album with a few fantastic solos.

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