The Travel Book at Christmas – Seville, Spain

Welcome to a few weeks of Christmas special versions of the travel book! I have been to a number of countries around Christmas so thought it would be fun to write about them in their festive entirety. Today we look at the place I spent Christmas last year – Seville in Spain.


If there is one thing that Spain adore celebrating and that is Christmas and the religious aspect of the holiday plays a huge part especially in Seville. No matter which tourist destinations you go to in the area there will be old signs advertising their nativity scenes which really isn’t that surprising if you go to the city centre.

Dead centre in the middle of town, there is a massive market and it’s filled entirely with objects you can purchase to add to your nativity scene. They range from the really traditional style to the to robotic (including moving donkeys and arms of worshippers moving). It is an amazing sight to see and really impressive in the amount of people it attracts.

Another thing that is visible in Seville is the Christmas lights – every twist and turn you take there is a beautiful set of lights and decor illuminating the street and it really is worth walking around the city early evening to see them in all their glory!

If you are in Seville for Christmas Day then you will want to be prepared for the event that happens in the early hours of Christmas morning. There is massive religious celebrations around 2am and there is lots of singing and drums throughout the streets that can be heard all around ( we were staying outside the city and the sound and singing reached us).

If you want to celebrate Christmas in a really festive place then why not check it Seville! Be warned there is nothing open for tourists on the big day though.


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