24 Days of Christmas – Real or Fake Tree?

We have come to a topic that rocks many households at this time of year – the question of whether you should have a real or fake christmas tree. This year was the first time that we have put a christmas tree up in seven years (because we always travel at christmas it never seems to make sense to put one up) and this was a discussion that we started off with.

We decided to go for a fake tree in the end for many reasons – the first neither of us drive so trying to get it back to the appartment would be an issue in itself, disposing of it seemed like it was going to cause hassle and well, we wanted it delivered because we are lazy so we bought a fake one that looked pretty life like from John Lewis.

Growing up we always had a fake tree — this was mainly because we had  house rabbits and it is poisonus for them to eat and our bunnies were a mischievious duo that even though we blocked the tree off they would find ways around it (these bunnies managed to unlock their cage on numerous amount of occasions as well as jumping high onto sofas).  To be honest I didn;t mind having a fake tree because their safety was more important and i never felt like i was missing out.

My grandparents always had two christmas trees in their house – one in the conservatory and one  in another part of the house – usually the front hall entrance way. One of these would usually be a fresh tree and it always had a lovely smell to it. The other one varied year to year but I do remember that one year they  bought a self snowing tree and this stayed for as long as i remember. This tree had a big carboard bucket at the bottom and a little tip on the top of the tree, it would snow white balls like the ones you would find in bean bags and then when they reached the bottom they would then be sucked up by the tree pole and go to the top and rain again.

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