24 Days of Christmas – The Smell of Christmas

If there is one thing that makes Christmas then that is all the smells that come with it. So many things remind me of Christmas or just something I enjoy more around this time of year.

My favourite smell of all time is vanilla, i love the way that it fills your senses and has this beautiful fresh and calming smell about it. I also love eating vanilla as well – especially if it is very well flavoured. Vanilla Pods are one of the worlds best inventions and I feel so happy and also very special when I am able to use these in cooking.  I love the fact that vanilla is used loads at Christmas.

Another smell I enjoy a lot at Christmas is cinnamon, it is used in a lot of things and its very scented that it really does feel like a very festive smell. I find that cinnamon represents what Christmas is.

There are some smells around this time of year that I enjoy but don’t necessarily enjoy the taste and that scent is ginger. It is used so much at this time of year and whilst I don’t always enjoy the taste the smell oozes of the festive season. Saying that I love Leinchucens but actual gingerbread houses are great to look at but not for eating.

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