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Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! This week we talk about a band that has been around since 1991 and has just released their second greatest hits album recently – Green Day

One Of the Razorbacks – Kerplunk Album

One of the earliest albums of Green Day that only had one official single from it and a few songs that went on to feature on the Dookie Album. This song really highlights the sound that Green Day have channelled throughout the whole of their career. Great guitar riffs, some that may sound familiar to a lot of their early work and a good set of lyrics.

Burnout – Dookie Album

This is one of the best openers to an album and is hands down one of my favourites – it has a fantastic drum solo, great lyrics from a young Billie Joe and a lot of guitar riffs to die for. You can understand why these guys are the King of Punk Rock when you hear a song this good.

Coming Clean – Dookie Album

Another fantastic album track and really highlights why this is one of the best punk rock albums of all time. It has amazing drumming solos fantastic guitar and bass work and all combined together with Billie Joes classic voice.

F.O.D – Dookie Album

This song is one of the best album tracks and starts off very quiet and acoustic style and turns into a huge punk rock melody. An amazing song to round off one of the best albums by Green Day.

Bab’s Uvula Who? – Insomniac Album

This song is a good album track with a lot of emphasis on the guitar riffs, it has a really unique sound to it and is very different to a lot of songs on the album. It is catchy and is very Green Day Unique.

Panic Song – Insomniac album

This song has a really great intro – a fantastic roll on the guitar and the bass and it produces a lot of tensions and makes you get very excited for the beat to drop.

Scattered – Nimrod Album

This song has a very nice jolly vibe about them and has a fantastic melody to it throughout the song. It is one of those songs that when you hear it, you will get the melody stuck in your head for days.

Blood Sex and Booze – Warning Album

This is one the best Green Day album tracks of all time as it is so damn catchy and has a fantastic drum beat and guitar melody throughout. It really does define what the early Green Day sort of was – fun, punky and on the border all the time. In other words – pure genius.

Hold On – Warning Album

This a great little song as its got a very big uplifting feel to it and there is a great use of the harmonica throughout. Definitely a song you must listen to.

Give Me Novacaine / She’s A Rebel – American Idiot Album

After Dookie, some would say this is the best album that Green Day have released. It did so well it even got turned into a musical that has done very well worldwide. This song is personally one of my favourites on the album because it is so different from the rest of their back catalogue. The drums have a great tempo but the best part is most definitely the guitars – they intertwine in and out to make these two songs absolutly amazing.

Homecoming – American Idiot Album

Whilst they released the other nine minute song Jesus of Surburbia, this one never was and just like its predecesor it is full of lots of key changes, tempo changes and takes you on a very big journey. Green Day are not afraid of breaking genres and specifics and this is one of those songs that deserves all the praise it gets – its absolutely phenominal.

Viva La Gloria – 21st Century Breakdown Album

This song is very very pretty and has a very nice introduction to it with a mix of piano and strings, it eventually mixes into a classic rock style song but it is a song frmo this album that is not to be missed as it really emphasises the theme of this generation of Green Day.

Pacemaker – 21st Century Breakdown Album

This is one of the best album tracks on the record and is really really addictive. It has a fantastic musical bridge and a guitar strum throughout that is very hard to mess with.

Last Night On Earth – 21st Century Breakdown

This is one of the most beautiful songs on the album and is one of those songs that I would highly reccomend if you are looking for a song in their back catalogue that is romantic. The piano throughout makes this song absolutely breathtaking and is one not to be missed.

Stay The Night – Uno! album

What do you do as a band when you haver already had one of the best punk rock albums, had one so popular its been turned into a musical – you break down another barrier and release THREE albums in one year. This song is taken from the first and its just a great feel good rock song that has hints of the original Green DAy but also embeleshes the next stage of the bands progression.

Troublemaker – Uno! Album

This is one of the best tracks on the album that was not a single – it has a unique sounf about it and has a great guitar riff and drum beat to bring it altogether.

Wild One – Dos Album

This song has a warm summers day feeling about it – for Green DAys its quite mellow but at the same time has some great lyrics and some unusual guitar riffs to keep you entertained.

The Forgotten – Tre Album

This is another slow song that is beautiful and some of you may recognise it as it was used for the film Twilight Saga: BReaking Dawn Part 2. If you have not seen that film don’t let that put you off it is a very beautifully constructed song with strings and pianos throughtou. One not to miss.

Somewhere Now – Revolution Radio album

This song has a sense of Jingle bells throughout and is a great opener. This song oozes classic Green Day style mixed  in with the newer modern band. The song has  great guitar riffs and fantastic lyrics.

Say Goodbye -Revolution Radio album

This song has a great guitar beat in between the verses and chorus. It is very easy to get into and really highlights the green day sound. Really great mix of drums and guitar in true green day fashion

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