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Comedy Clicks – Spaced

Each week, we will be taking an in depth look at some of the best sitcoms and comedy shows from both the UK and the USA.

Today we will be looking at a comedy that was one of the reasons for the beautiful friendships of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost – Spaced


About the Show

Summary of Plot

Friends Tim and Daisy, 20-something North Londoners with uncertain futures, must pretend to be a couple to live in the only apartment they can afford.IMDb

Number of Seasons / Episodes

2 seasons


Jessica Hynes – Daisy Steiner

Simon Pegg – Tim Bisley

Julia Deakin – Marsha Klein

Nick Frost – Mike Watt

Mark Heap – Brian Topp



  • As they were making a documentary about the series, Jessica Hynes, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright were looking around the “Spaced house”, and one the people who lived there came and told them that there were Spaced fans outside taking pictures of the house. As a joke, Simon and Jessica went outside and said “Are you taking pictures of our house?” The fans just stood there for a few seconds, stunned. In good nature, they chatted and then posed for photos.
  • Edgar Wright was originally skeptical of casting Nick Frost in the role of Mike, as at the time, Frost was a waiter with no prior acting experience. In fact, the character of Mike was born out of Frost making Simon Pegg (his flatmate) laugh, and Wright later said that Frost was brilliant in the part.
  • Pegg and Stevenson originally pitched the show as “a cross between The Simpsons(1989), The X-Files (1993), and Northern Exposure (1990)”.
  • Channel 4 commissioned a second season before the first season was even broadcast.
  • Many bit-parts, non-speaking roles and extras are played by crew members and friends and family of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nira Park.


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