FEATURE: The Perfect Dinner Party – Zachary Levi

So we now have our guests ready for the perfect dinner party and the food sorted it’s now it’s time to get the entertainment sorted. Now all the acts I have chosen are musical because you need to have some great music entertainment for a night full of dinner and great guests. There are only four and they are all there for a particular reason, we already have Neil Patrick Harris and Lady GaGa so lets see who the third musical act will be to add to the list of entertainment.

ACT 3 – Zachary Levi

Now this may sound like a really random choice for a singer but I have one main reason – really like his voice. He has a very good singing voice and if you have seen Tangled you would of heard it. However, he has done many musicals on Broadway and he is great at singing for an audience.

I think if Zac was to sing at it would be jazz and big swing band style music as that would be a great style of music to entertain guests and will really go well with his voice – he has in the past been recorded singing a jazz style of music and it really suits him.

I think this would be a great style for the dinner party as it will make people dance, talk about it afterwards as they would of expected someone like Michael Buble.

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