Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This week – AJ Mclean

He may be one fifth of one of Americas biggest boybands, but there has been times when he has gone alone and released a few solo albums. Today we look at th solo music career of none other then fellow Backstreet Boy lad, MJ McLean.

Back in 2010, released his first solo album under the name Have It All, AJ described it to the press as a mix between rock fun and a little bit of dance. The album had 12 tracks and an additional 2 songs if you managed to own the Japanese Delue Edition. The only song to be released from the album was a song called Teenage Wildlife, which had a really catchy chorus and a really interesting video to go alongside it.

According to records, the album only hit the charts in Taiwan and Japan and reached the top 40 but did not reach the top 10. There are rumours of another album in the works but with BSB doing so well in recent years, it will be interesting to see when he will be able to fit it in. So lets have a look at some of the songs of his original solo album today to celebrate the works of AJ McLean

Teenage Wildlife


Have It All


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