FEATURE: The Perfect Dinner party – Bear Grylls 

Whenever you read or hear interviews people are always asked if you could have the perfect dinner party who would you invite living or dead. Well, i decided it was time to turn this into a feature but we are making it one step bigger – The perfect Extravagant Dinner Party, I will not just be picking the people I would want to have dinner with but the chefs and the entertainment as well!

I have given myself some ground rules – there are only 9 places available at the table to join me and there has to be a chef to represent each course and there should be only 4 acts allowed to provide entertainment.

At the table already is Donald O’Connor, and musician Tom Delonge and NHL star Marty St. Louis, Charlie Chaplin, animator Peter Lord and Rik Mayall. so now it’s time to see who is going to be taking the seat Next to them.

Dinner Guest 7 – Bear Grylls 

Let me say this comment before I go on any further. I didn’t “get” Bear Grylls. I didn’t understand why so many people thought he was amazing – to me he was just the guy off the television who came from some military background who just wanted to be on television and make money out of randomShows. Then I read his books about the North Pole, Everest and his voyages at sea and my whole perspective on him completely and utterly changed to “some bloke off the television who likes to eat weird things” to “inspiring, amazing and one of my heroes.”

I initially bought one of his books on a whim, basically it was just reduced on Amazon and i enjoy reading autobiographies so decided to give it a go. I was sure I would read a bit and then get bored and stop reading but instead it was an eye opener and it kept me hooked to every page. His autobiography astounded me – it completely changed my whole vision on who Bear was as a person and gained huge respect for him.

I then went on to read his book about Everest and about his journey on a rib boat near the North Pole and became just so inspired.
I would love to have Bear as a guest at a dinner party because I would love to hear his stories. I wouldn’t be that bothered about the celebrities he has helped survive In the wild, instead i would be more interested in those stories that I read that made him who he is today.
The fact that he broke his back skydiving and proved doctors wrong about never sky diving again and also continuously pushing himself to do things that challenge him really are a huge huge inspiration to me and whenever I feel a challenge is too big I always think to myself now – is that what Bear would say?

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