FEATURE: The Perfect Dinner Party – Charlie Chaplin

Welcome to a brand new feature on the PR. Whenever you read or hear interviews people are always asked if you could have the perfect dinner party who would you invite living or dead. Well, i decided it was time to turn this into a feature but we are making it one step bigger – The perfect Extravagant Dinner Party, I will not just be picking the people I would want to have dinner with but the chefs and the entertainment as well!

I have given myself some ground rules – there are only 9 places available at the table to join me and there has to be a chef to represent each course and there should be only 4 acts allowed to provide entertainment.

At the table already is Donald O’Connor, and musician Tom Delonge and NHL star Marty St. Louis so now it’s time to see who is going to be taking the seat Next to them.

Dinner Guest 4 – Charlie Chaplin

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 14.04.21If there is one person that would be top of my list to have a dinner party it would be Charlie Chaplin. I love Charlie Chaplin, his silent films are a master piece and from reading his autobiography I found his story of how got in to the world of film really interesting and amazing to read.

Since I was a teenager, I have always been amazed by the work of Chaplin and love making silent films when I can because of the influence I gained from watching him so much. The reason that I would want Chaplin at a Dinner party is because I dont just think he would be fasinating to listen to but I also think he would be very entertaining and would love to see what he thinks of the comets industry today. I would love to see him watch comedy of all variety such as the clever writers at SNL to films, see what he thinks of films starring comedy genious such as Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell and Ben Stiller, and even the really random comedies such as Family Guy, Team America and any Seth Rogan and James Franco film to see what he think of todays film industry.

I think it would be a fascinating experience to see how he has influenced so many – maybe he would be amazed at the content today or maybe he would look at it in disgust as to how rude and offensive people can get away with now.

Now, in his life I am not sure if he met people like Donald O’Connor but I would find it fascinating listening to them and watching even the best known people that i have on this list get advice or even compare notes with each other. I would love to be in a room where that happened. That is why Chaplin is on this list. Also, he used to cut his own films together, so as an editor myself I am sure i could learn so much from him too .

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