FEATURE: The Perfect Dinner party – Donald O’Connor 

Welcome to a brand new feature on the PR. Whenever you read or hear interviews people are always asked if you could have the perfect dinner party who would you invite living or dead. Well, i decided it was time to turn this into a feature but we are making it one step bigger – The perfect Extravagant Dinner Party, I will not just be picking the people I would want to have dinner with but the chefs and the entertainment as well!

I have given myself some ground rules – there are only 9 places available at the table to join me and there has to be a chef to represent each course and there should be only 4 acts allowed to provide entertainment.

Now, when i started to think about this i started to make a list and realised something – most of the people I wanted to be at the table were male. Being a female this probably sounds atrocious that I haven’t added many women to it let me explain. The table is meant to be full of people you would want a conversation with and who has effected your life in some way or form. I have a lot of female inspirations, a lot of them I am lucky enough to have in my life and see them every day or talk to them on a regular basis.

For example: My mum inspires me everyday and we get on really well and talk all the time, my best friend Emilia inspires me with her passion for life and the way she always loves to constantly grow as a person, my other best friend Sharon inspires me with her love for animals and her look on life. I had the pleasure of being trained in improv by Bev Fox, Carleen MacDermid and Suki Webster and had the pleasure of talking to them about all the questions i had about the comedy form. Then there are other women i have met throughout my life such as Cosplayer Amy Telford (Strange Porcelain) and Radio Presenter Peff Soulsby, Illustrator Sarah Gee etc.

However to me this isn’t about gender it’s about who I want a conversation with and these people I genuinely want one with as I have so many questions! So let’s begin!

Seat 1 – Donald O’Connor 

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 21.38.29

The first person I would want at the dinner table is someone who I find highly inspiring and would of loved the chance to of meet, Donald O’Connor.

Singing in the Rain has been my favourite film since I saw it when I was a child and I adore the music and comedy that comes with it as I love everything about old Hollywood.

I instantly took a liking to Donald as I found him amazing with his dancing and style so started to look at other things that he had done as well and became even more amazed at how talented he is and the lengths in which his talents extend to.

There are two favourite dance scenes of his I love to watch on a rainy day – one of them is him dancing on an xylophone and another is him dancing on roller skates.

I find Donald highly inspiring and love to listen to an album of his greatest hits when I need uplifting and would of love to of met him to talk about his career.

The fact he started off in the circus means that he was able to do something in comedy and music that a lot of actor fail to be – unique. I would love to have him at my dream dinner party as I could talk to him about the films he was part of, the comedy he created and may even get advice.

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