How Improv Changed Our Lives

How Improv Changed my Life – Born To Perform  

If there is one thing that I have always enjoyed – it’s being on stage. Ever since a young age I have loved doing things on stage and performing everything fromSongs to acting. I have never been the greatest singer and probably not the best actor but one thing I have always loved doing is making people laugh.
One of my earliest memories of making people laugh was age 11 and there being a talent show at school in front of everyone – I took my keyboard and performed a random set of songs and got all the younger dancing and did this sort of character to creat humour as well.

I have never been that scared of performing on stage, I really don’t mind acting an idiot on stage. Before finding improv it had been a long time since I had performed on stage. I was initially very nervous and felt sick before I got on stage but when I did the adrenaline kicked in.

Performing on stage is like a different world – I personally feel it’s a place where I can just be myself. I love the fact that I can let my creativity run wild. Also the one thing I love about performing comedy is hearing the audience laugh. It’s like a drug you just want to perform more.

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