Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Dum Dums 

Today we look at a band that was an alternative rock band and were active between the years of 1997 – 2001, The Dum Dums.
The group formed in 1997 when the guys had just left school and they started their career by doing small and local gigs; this lead to a record contract and of things to come.

The first support act tour they did that started to create a fan base for the group was when they toured with My Life Story. Their debut single was released in 2000 and was called “Everything” and reached number 21 in the U.K. Charts.

Their second single Can’t Get You Out Of My Thoughts was released in June of the same year and landed the position of 18 in the chart. Their debut album was released near the end of the year and was called Setting Sail and received positive reviews. They released a couple more songs from

The album – You Do Something To Me (charted at number 27) and Army of Two (charted at number 27 also).
In 2001, the band decided to break up as it just wasn’t working – they went into the recording studio on many occasions that year but they couldn’t get anything really to work. So let’s have a look at some of their music today.

You Do Something To Me

Army of Two

Everything I Do 

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