That Time When

That time when – I was petrified of Fires and Lifts 

Now I could of made these two separate articles but because they are a little bit similar in their style o thought I would merge the two together. I don’t remember that much from when I was a toddler and have a few vague memories but two of the memories I do have is how I became scared of fires and lifts. Let’s start with the first one.


I can’t remember exactly how old I was but it was between the ages of 4 and 5 – we used to live in a block of flats that was about six or seven stories high. One night I was woken by my mum saying that there was a fireman at the door saying that there was a fire in the ground floor flat. We were on the top floor. Now I can’t remember if we got evacuated or anything but I do know the flat was fine and nothing in our place was effected. I also know that this event was started by a chip pan fire and it made me terrified of fires.

Apparently I got very scared about the idea of fires happening again and used to freak out about it. I don’t remember a lot about it but o do remember that my family took me to a fire station to meet our local firemen and to learn about fire safety and how they help out fires in buildings. I don’t remember a lot about it but I have very faint memories of meeting the fireman and then talking to me.


I was again around the age of 4 or 5 and was at my grandparents it was a Saturday early evening and Casualty was on the television. Now, again as these are really early remembers I do have gaps – like I can’t remember why I was still up i do remember I was sitting at my red table doing something.

Anyway there is one thing I do remember vividly even to this day and it was a scene in the television show. The was a lift – it had broken down and was stuck halfway up the entrance of the said elevator. A man climb out as he thought he could make the drop to the floor – instead his feet reach the floor but he topples backwards as falls below the lift. The lift her falls out of starts to move like it’s been drops and crushes him.

Now at that age it completely scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t stop crying – I was taken out the room and I remember being calmed down. To this day I freak out in lifts and hate gore on television and I think that this episode is to blame.


For most of my life I have lived in flats – whilst I am not as petrified as what I was as a kid about fires, watching such horror as Grenfell Tower in the news still brings back that terror I had. Living in a flat you always constantly hoping that your neighbours are sensible and that they wont cause a fire and obviously sometimes that is out of their hands.

The whole lift thing like I said still sticks with me solidly – whilst I go in lifts and am fine with them – if there is any sign of it being a tad dodgy then I won’t go in it. I prefer lifts with windows and hate the ones without.

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