The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Drink Shop Do, Kings Cross, London 

If you find yourself in London anytime soon then there is a hidden gem of a bar / cafe in Kings Cross that you must visit.  Whether you are on a night out with friends, family or even on a date, this place has something for everyone.

By day, Drink Shop Do is a place that by day is a great place for coffee tea cake and a catch up. By night it’s a bar like no other – each night has a theme and can be anything from dance lessons to putting icing on rich tea biscuits for “Lionel Richtea” night. It is a perfect location for a evening out as it’s so different to anywhere else in London and makes every night fun and in some ways a bit nostalgic too of childhood fun.

The shop was created in 2009 by Kristie Bishop and Coralie Sleap when they opened a pop up in Kings Cross. By 2010 it became an official business and the rest is history.

It really is a very fun place to go on an evening – I have been there many times, once for Halloween pumpkin carving, once to paper mache a monster, another time to play with plasticine and another time to ice biscuits. I highly recxomend giving it a try next time your in London.

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