Punderstandably Takeover – INTERVIEW – Michael Lewis

On the 11th October, London based improv troupe, Punderstandably are performing their show Improv Towers, as part of the Launch Pad show at The Miller, in London Bridge. To celebrate the troupes new line up and new show of the new season, we gave them a chance to do a bit of a troupe takeover so you can meet the new line up and find a bit more about them! Today we talk to our resident sound effects marvel – Michael!

Hi Michael!Tell us about yourself!

I am a 31 year old white male born and raised in London and now residing in Essex. I have a job but activities outside of that include improv, writing about the NFL and volunteering for Radio Lollipop at Evelina Childrens Hospital.

How did you get into improv?

It was constantly suggested that I should do something comedic on stage after annoying my colleagues for many years with accents and characters. This coupled with a love for ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’.

What’s your favourite type of improv you have done so far?

Short form is the most fun for me as it allows me to think up a wide range of characters.

Who are some of your favourite improv acts and why?

I really enjoy seeing The Playground Players. A great assortment of talent all with different strengths and skills that blend so well together

Which comedians do you find inspiring and why?

I don’t watch much stand-up but Dara O’Briain has great delivery and physical expressions.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to do improv?

Just do it. Try it and then make your mind up.

Three words why people should see you at The Miller Launch Pad.

Well why not?

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.05.17

Quick Fire Round

Answer with first answer comes to mind

Favourite film

The Usual Suspects.

Favourite band

Foo Fighters.

Best advice you have ever been given

Try it then judge it.

Best place you have been on holiday

A 3 week trip in the US

Favourite colour


Favourite song lyrics

Mmmbop dop a doo wop.

Favourite action hero

Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1980’s.

Marmite love or hate?


One thing you can’t live without 


Last book you read

Instruction manual for flat pack furniture.

Favourite website

Which actor would  play your part in your life story if it was a film?

The kid who played Sherminator in American Pie.

Favourite alcoholic drink?

Whiskey Sour.

Where do you see yourself in 5years time ?

Hopefully as a father and still performing improv.

See Pundestandably Improv, 11th October at The Miller Pub, London Bridge from 7pm 

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