Off The Record – Fall Out Boy

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the record first! This week we talk about a band who has an album out next year – Fall Out Boy

Homesick at Space-camp – Take This To Your Grave Album

This is a great song for an album track – why? Because it has all the elements that a great rock record has – good guitars, good drums and a good set of lyrics.

7 Minutes In Heaven – From Under The Corktree Album

This song features the vocals of Brendan Urie and when you first listen it’s quite hard to work out who is who singing. Saying that, this song is very catchy has some great lyrics and a fantastic guitar melody throughout.

XO – From Under The Corktree Album

For an album that made Fallout Boys name you need to have a catchy song at the end of it and this song really is a great record to do that! It may have a title that is much shorter then 95% of the albums tracks but it does not mean it lacks the greatness that the rest does – its catchy and really is a great finale song.

Thriller – infinity on high album

This is a great opening song for an album and it’s got a great heavy guitar riff throughout. Also you have Jay Z rapping on the intro – what more would you want?

Bang The Doldrum – Infinity on High album

The one thing that is great about this song is the guitar fingering throughout in between the chorus and the verses it makes it very different to other tracks on the record. The chorus is a big blasted melody with Catchy lyrics that you will find yourself singing along to.

Save Rock N Roll feat Elton John – Save Rock and Roll

It’s not everyday that you hear someone like Elton John on a Fall Out Boy album but this song is one of the best album tracks and is such a beautiful song. This album truly was an amazing return to the music industry and this song really is a great ending to the whole album. Whilst it was not officially an album single there was still a music video that ran along side to complete the story they told with all of the singles.

The Mighty Fall – Save Rock and Roll

Each song on this album has a different spin to it and this is definitely one of those tracks that you must listen to. It’s for a great rap section and a unique style to the whole song.

Fourth Of July – American Beauty / American Psycho

This song is a great one for an album track and it is one of the best off of this album. It has a really nice catchy chorus and a really nice musical melody throughout the track. It’s a song that has some great lyrics and will be hard to not play on repeat.

Favourite Record – American Beauty / American Psycho

This song is a catchy album track as it has a different style to the others. It has a catchy chorus and a musical melody after it that will make you really like this song. The guitars and drums are used in a clever way to create an addictive rhythm and a great little album track.

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