That Time When

That Time When – I got told off for gate crashing Joseph Gordon-Levitt

(100% true stories just names may be changed to protect identities. )

I had been invited to a house party in Long Island – it was night of great fun at first trying out traditional games like beer pong but then by the end the night myself and another British girl who was married to one of my coworkers were bored and felt we didn’t fit in so went and found an empty room and spent the rest of the night watching episodes of Jackass. The next morning I woke up incredibly early and decided to go back to NYC – I wasn’t in the mood to stay around I felt incredibly home sick and just wanted to head back to familiarity.
It was my first time in this area of Long Island but magically I had visualised the way back to the station just by noting important landmarks on the drive to the house. The station was a long walk away and I got directions from a woman walking a dog but in hindsight it was probably really stupid walking around neighbourhoods I had no idea about by myself – but it was Sunday morning so everything was very quiet – which was good in some ways very freaky in others.
I eventually ended at the station after a lonnngggg walk and got the first train back to common ground. I decided I wanted to walk a little bit around NYC before heading back up to the university I was working at. I couldn’t be too long as I knew we had a meeting early afternoon so found a different way to walk back to Grand Central Station from Penn Station.
I was in my own frame of mind, lost in my music and thinking random thoughts. I walked down lots of random avenues then I came out of my thoughts to look around – there was a lot of cars – I mean a lot. I honestly thought it was just one huge traffic jam – but then I started to feel very confused – for a huge traffic jam there were a LOT of taxis and I mean a lot of taxis. Also it was a Sunday – why is there a massive load of traffic?
I walked down the avenue interested and was trying to find out what the hold up was. I still had music blaring in my ears it wasn’t for a few minutes until I realised a woman with a clipboard and a walkie talkie was chasing after me shouting and telling me off. I was still very confused.
“Stop stop stop” I wasn’t allowed to go any further – apparently I had walked into a film set and hadn’t even really realised – the angry cries were of an Assistant trying to kick me off set. Being the nosey person that I am (and also for the love of film and television production as a whole) I kept asking her as she was forcefully walking around me to change my direction what they were filming. She seemed reluctant to tell me at first then told me the name of the film.
The film was one I never heard of so I googled it when I got home – it was for a film all about cycling – Premium Rush with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Saying that name and double barred surname you are probably sitting there thinking “oh my god how awesome is that!” Well at the time it wasn’t because it was a few weeks before inception was in cinemas so didn’t really know that much about him so was a tad disappointed.


It was awesome to see the film set when I realised what it was and started to notice the Ariel cameras and seeing JGL standing on top of a taxi.
It was pretty cool to see when I think about it. It’s awesome to say I have seen JGL and also it walking on a film set in NYC is pretty cool to say.

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  1. Many years ago … 1987, maybe, I was in Niagra-on-the-Lake while a film crew had decided to take it over for what turned out to be a shit film with John Travolta. At one point I got stuck in a bookshop for hours because they let people walk down the Main Street, then didn’t tell people that they were about to start filming, so I got stuck until they had damn well finished.


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