Forgotten Pop

Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Naomi Campbell

She is one of the worlds biggest models and back in the nineties, she released an album which had a photo of her on the front shaving her legs whilst sitting on the toilet. Today we look at the music career of the one and only Naomi Campbell.

In October 1994, Naomi released an album under Epic Records called Babywoman, it’s been her only album to date and was focussed on the genre of R&B, house, trip hop and even country.

There was only one single released from the album called Love & Tears and it only reached number 40 in the UK charts. The album Babywoman, did not do well in the UK and only reached chart position of 75 in the UK. However it sold over 1 million copies worldwide and did well in Japan. The album received a lot of negative reviews sadly and there wasnt another album released.

So today lets have a look and remember Naomi Campbell as a singer.

Love and Tears

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